Peter Bingham




2018 Vancouver International Dance Festival presents . . . EDAM DANCE

March 8-10 at the Roundhouse Performance Centre

This production will remount three key works in the creative career of EDAM's Artistic Director, Peter Bingham.

Made in 1995, Hindsight was a seminal work in Bingham’s evolution as a choreographer. Ingeniously drawing upon basic Contact principles, Bingham constructed an emotional dance loaded with imagery of sadness and longing. Like birds that have forgotten how to fly, Olivia Shaffer and Kelly McInnes, the dancers in this piece, evoke a profound sense of loss.

Originally commissioned by Ziyian Kwan in 2002, Sinking SuZi was reworked in 2009 and will see its 3rd incarnation at this year’s festival. The work is a spare and elegant study of physical presence, which speaks to the evolving mentorship between Peter and Ziyian: teacher to student, choreographer to interprète and most recently, artist to artist.

Engage the Feeling Arms is representative of Bingham’s current work. A complex and constantly fluctuating piece, this dance is about shifting relationships, fluidity, shared imagery and dynamic physicality. Performed by Walter Kubanek, Diego Romero and Olivia Shaffer.

Choreography/Direction Peter Bingham
Lighting Jeremy Baxter


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